BA control board atur-X Product Overview

The breathing apparatus entry control board (BACB) atur-X provides support for breathing protection monitoring by three teams.

We would particularly like to highlight the large and brightly lit LCD display which means that all relevant information can be read at glance. The target operating time per team can also be easily changed (20, 30, 60 min. or custom adjustable).

For rapid navigation, the current status of an active team is displayed in the form of three LEDs which are arranged like traffic lights. An acoustic warning signal sounds after each of the three stages of the operation.

There are nine holes for tallies on the right (substitute team) and underneath (operation team).

For more information about the BA entry control board atur-X take a look at the service manual.

Package contains

Price atur-X
Only 259 € incl. 19% VAT.

Specification atur-X

Standby current consumption:
Dimensions (H * W * D):
Operation time:
approx. 0,050 mA
approx. 390 * 345 * 65 mm
approx. 1200 grammes
-10 °C up to +50 °C
up to 30 hrs

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Holzhauser Str. 53
86919 Utting
Telephone: +49 / 8806 / 92 30 70

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