BA entry Control Board for Firefighters

Breathing Protection Monitoring for Fire Brigades

The Breathing Apparatus Entry Control Board (BACB) atur-X is custom-built for independent breathing protection monitoring for up to three teams. Particular attention was paid to the following product attributes:

Ease of use
The atur-X is convenient to handle and easy to read. This helps to make monitoring as safe as possible.

Low weight
You probably know how hard it is to hold something that weighs 2-3 kg for a prolonged period of time. Thanks to its low weight, the BA entry control board atur-X allows you to monitor without getting tired.

Good value for money
Our aim was to design a reliable entry control board at a price that especially volunteer fire brigades could afford. From the large amount of positive feedback we have received, we think we have done a good job.

For more information please see BACB atur-X.

Atemschutzüberwachungstafel atur-X

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